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I have been a client of Fitness With Insight for the past five years, and I am so grateful that I discovered Charlotte and TRX.
Charlotte’s knowledge, disciplined work ethic and true compassion for her clients is evident in every class.
The classes are always a new adventure, and although they are demanding, the time passes quickly and I feel great at the end.
She has made a big difference in my life.
Vicki E, FWI Customer

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Leslie Jasper, FWI Customer
I’m most mentally and physically satisfied that I found TRX training at Fitness with Insight. I’ve tried TRX classes at other gyms, but did not get nearly the level of intensity and enthusiastic instruction. Charlotte is great at pushing you to do your best, and working around any limitations you may have. Just do it.
Mark M., FWI Customer
I am 31 years old and live an active lifestyle.  I play soccer regularly and snowboard and wake board as much as possible.  I have tried just about every workout on the market, from general weight lifting, to plyo-metrics (good ole high school soccer), to P90x to tabata interval training.  There is nothing out there that is better for the body than TRX suspension training!  You can adjust the difficulty by simply changing your angle so anyone can get through a full class with maximum benefit.  Each exercise engages the WHOLE body but allows you to focus on specific muscle.  Injuries are reduced because you can never completely isolate an individual muscle.  Since every move engages more of the body you burn more calories and allow your body to grow as it was designed, synergistically and symmetrically!
Dustin R., FWI Customer
TRX is a great experience and a must for any workout enthusiast.  It doesn’t get repetitive and you can feel your body work with itself to become stronger and healthier.  Be prepared to work for that lean look and know it was worth it because you couldn’t get better doing anything else for 45 minutes.
Lauren H, FWI Customer
The day I started working out with Charlotte was a game changer.  I’ve always been active, involved in sports, swimming, yoga, and multiple gym workouts.  Fitness With Insight has given me an increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, and confidence.  I now look in the mirror and love what I see!
DeeDee F., FWI Customer